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New spinal fixation technique Interview with Dr. Ian Armstrong

Posted by TLG on Aug 5, 2014, under Medical Industry, Spine Health, What's New

Dr. Ian Armstrong discussed a new spinal fixation technique in an interview with news-medical.net. The interview centers around the ZIP™ fixation device, which is unique in that the device fuses vertebrae via the spinous process – these are the parts of the spine that stick out when if you were to run your fingers down [...] Read more

Back Health This Summer

Posted by Dr. Armstrong on Jul 17, 2012, under General Health, Spine Health, Sports Medicine

Originally published in Westlake Malibu Lifestyle Back Health While Traveling – By Ian Armstrong, M.D. School’s out and that’s usually accompanied by lots of traveling and long hours spent in cars and airplanes. Sitting for long periods of time in a car or on an airplane can cause undue pressure on your back. Here’s how [...]

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Spine Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Dr. Armstrong on Sep 28, 2011, under General Health, Spine Health

This is the time of year to embrace new healthy habits and establish daily routines with healthful benefits. It is the time of year we try to make positive change, attack old problems with new-found vigor, and eliminate bad habits and create new healthy ones.

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Wellness Walking

Posted by Dr. Armstrong on Sep 28, 2011, under General Health, Spine Health, Sports Medicine

As we start a new year, many of us are thinking of our health, weight, vitality, and longevity. Plans are being made to join expensive gyms and embark on complex exercise regimes that will probably fall by the wayside. We look to consult with gurus, psychologists, life coaches and nutritionists to help us begin a healthier new year.

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Head Trauma

Posted by Dr. Armstrong on Sep 5, 2011, under Neurosurgical Trauma, Spine Health, Sports Medicine

Head injuries constitute the most frequent cause of death in sports-related events and accidents. Ten percent of college football and 20 percent of high school football players suffer from significant head injuries and/or concussions.

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